Landscape Design Services we provide are in 3 main categories as required:


Horticultural Consultation


Onsite consultation

·         Assessment of the existing garden identifying any problems with soil, drainage or plant health.

·         Written recommendations for garden evaluation

·         Planting guide if required; including schedule of plant species, pot size and quantities.

·         Proposed planting layout to correspond with plant schedule.


Landscape Design


Through consultation with the Landscape Designer & preparation of a Design Brief, detailed assessment and documentation of the required or proposed project is given.


The Design Brief can address the following areas:

o   Style existing and proposed

o   Structural requirements

o   Landform potential e.g. cut or fill to create separate levels or spaces

o   Surface treatment materials used in paving, retaining, pond, sculpting

o   Additional Structures Pergola Loggia Gazebo

o   Potential alterations to house/landscape interface

o   Special features water feature sculpture seat or focal point

o   Plant selection and positioning

o   Costing, budgets, duration and other consultants  (general assessment)

o   Water management sustainable design assist in thermal comfort of the house and

reduce energy costs


Landscape Plans


Detailed CAD drawing set as required for Council D.A. and C.C. or for quotation or tender to Landscape contractors, Building Contractors and other consultants.


Landscape Plans are the complete documentation and working drawings of the Design Brief.


Fees for Landscape Plans are quoted based on the scope of works as determined in the Design Brief; pricing depends on the scope of works and the size of the property.


Landscape Design Plans can include:

o   Site Plan (Existing)

o   Site Analysis (May be combined with site plan)

o   Proposed Landscape Master Plan Plans; Details; Elevations and Sections as required

o   Planting Details

o   Construction Details

o   Schedules of Plants & Materials

o   Assessment of other consultants required Structural, Hydraulic, Coastal or Environmental Engineers; Builders; Pool Builders; Large Tree Transplanters etc.



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