Landscape Design: Bilgola Botanics


Bilgola Botanics provides Landscape Design and creative ideas for garden extensions to your living space. Landscape brings to life the architectural built form, reducing the bulk and scale, it softens, complements and makes pleasing to the eye.


We believe the garden to be a continuation of the home, and strive to develop and create an almost seamless flow from one to the other.


Landscape Design can be an adjunct and very useful tool in Sustainable Building Design.

With ever ongoing innovations in door and wall design, it is now possible to open up the walls of your home to the outdoors, or, when conditions require, seal off to a cosy comfort.


No space is too small or large to effect change and improve your personal environment and amenity though good Landscape Design.


Courtyards; balconies; small spaces or vertical wall gardens; residential properties; large estates or rural holdings and everything in between, we can design a landscape to suit your needs and lifestyle.


Hard landscaping surfaces include pool surrounds, ponds, waterfalls and features, sculptural elements, feature walls, retaining walls, paving, stepping stones or paths. A combination of these elements can be used with soft landscaping that will create a landscape tailored to your requirements.




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