Building Design: Bilgola Design

Bilgola Design provides building design services assisting individual clients in developing their ideas, blending them with the local development control guidelines, site and locality conditions and Sustainable Building Design principles and present them in a graphic format as required by Council for Development Applications (D.A.).


We also assist Architects and other building professionals in various aspects of D.A. documentation.

  • Drafting services - all aspects of CAD and Design Drafting Plans; Elevations; Perspectives; Shadow Diagrams; Site Analysis; Sections; Schedules.
  • Reports -- Statements of Environmental Effect
  • Building Sustainability Assessment, BASIX Certification
  • Project liaison 


Projects of all size and complexity may be undertaken, from residential dwellings new homes or alterations and additions, second storey additions, studio's, garage additions, multi unit dwellings, boarding houses and commercial buildings.

Predominantly working in a CAD environment we can provide hand drawn plans for projects if required.

Our aim is to provide a holistic approach to the design of urban and rural development; to seamlessly blend internal and external environments in an ecologically sustainable way, bringing cultural and thermal comfort to the built form.


Bilgola Design provides Building Design Services and creative ideas for home extensions and additions to your living space.


Good design brings to life your living space, can change to the positive your lifestyle and amenity, improve thermal comfort, air quality and give an overall sense of harmony and balance, which may then reverberate through all aspects of life.

This is the potential, the ideal, the goal. By the use of state of the art thermal assessment software, and design principles such as Environmentally Sustainable Building Design we can change and improve the flow of your existing or new home.


These tools and design principles combined with the melting of the boundary between inside and outside environments, and developing the house / landscape interface will create a comfortable, friendly and familiar environment you would be relaxed and proud to share with family and friends.



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